List Building Explanation For Newbies

Personally i think it is important to outline things in list building at its most elementary level. While there may be many more steps to list building depending on your experience level it is all structured on four clear steps. The problem (and the reason why most people fail) is that we forget step four, the last and most important step. So lets proceed through each step one by one and pay close attention to the previous step, step 4 — don’t you forget it too. PLR List Building

1. Send traffic to a squeeze site

Email marketing requires traffic to your landing webpage and there are many sources of traffic. My own recommendation is to obtain a few different ones and give attention to the best performing ones for you. Typically, people start with article marketing, blogging, interpersonal media and joint projects. 

2. The offer (free offer)

Once traffic is landing on your touchdown page those visitors are going to call at your ‘Offer’. Your offer is usually a surprise (eg. an e-book) in exchange for their name and email address. Your getting page should be targeted on only one offer. The offer has to be targeted to the sort of traffic i. e. if people appear at your website buying limousine service you may provide them with dog training. Your offer should also be valuable and convincing enough for some one to be willing to trust you with their name and email — I find it better to use an e-book that you have written somewhat that a generic PLR e-book

3. The exchange

If the visitor loves your offer they will exchange their name and email in substitution for your free gift. This is actually the actual list building step. They are going to type their name and email into a form on your contract page and that form will save their information in a database that you will see later. It will also send those to a page to download your free surprise or automatically send them an email with a link or instructions how to redeem your gift idea.

4. Build relationship

Many people stop list building at step three, but step 4 is where everything comes together. You surely have the possibility to email the individuals who opt in to your mailing list. You should start building a marriage and a trusting camaraderie with them. Will not use your list to deliver sales letter after sales letter but instead ask people to participate in discussions on your blog, send them free information or ask if they need any help or questions answered. People will only buy from people they know, like and trust, this is why step 4 is important.

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